The folks at BTD and I have teamed up to bring you unbeatable products coupled with unbeatable service. :)  How's that you may ask? Purchase any lab grown Ideal Cut or Takara diamond via this website and the diamond will be shipped to our lab before it gets to you for full vetting and complete lab analysis including but not limited to...

  • Macro photography
  • 360 videos
  • Professional ASET analysis (for light performance).
  • Professionally taken symmetry images (Hearts & Arrows).
  • Ideal Scope analysis for light leakage.
  • Microscopic analysis of clarity for features not mentioned on lab reports (open inclusions, graining, etc.).
  • Gemchron EOS Colorimeter Testing
  • Sarin Analysis 
  • Confirms AGS Ideal Light Performance
  • Confirms AGS Ideal Cut Grade
  • Confirms GIA Ex Cut Grade
  • Confirms GIA Ex Symmetry Grade
  • Computer Ray Trace Analysis

    Check out with your option here and receive the above at no expense to you. NOTE: ALL IMAGES/VIDEO YOU CURRENTLY SEE ARE SAMPLE IMAGES.  When you purchase we will publish the actual images and data for you as well as a printed report.

    Takara Ideal Cut Lab Grown Diamonds