Rhino's Private Reserve of Ideal Cut Lab Grown Diamonds

 Welcome to my Private Reserve!   Each of the diamonds you'll see in our Private Reserve were specifically designed by your truly for facet design, superior precision and most importantly optics in way of brightness, fire, contrast and scintillation that will kick the pants off of any other shape in it's category possible.  :)  Since this page is going to feature a number of shapes/cuts we'll also be featuring the option of cutting you precisely what it is yout want until we build up our inventory in each of them.  As someone who has been custom cutting diamonds online now for consumers for over 2 decades we get our clients involved in the cutting process *at no risk to them whatsoever*.  It's a very exciting program in which many have participated over the years but our Lab Grown program is like nothing we've ever offered before and so beneficial in so many ways!!!!  Here are the deets.

In our program we can target one of two qualities.  G+ VS1+ or H VS1. Once we lock in a price we guarantee both the pricing and the results *with no upcharge of  the quality returns higher or if the diamond breaches a certain magic # in the weight!!!!  This is impossible to offer in way of earth mined diamonds.

Here's how it plays out in sizes ranging from 1.50ct on up to 5ct in both our round varieties as well as our fancy varieties. In the charts below the Lab/$/Ct = what price per carat we'll pay in lab grown and lock in at.  Lab/$/Total = the total price should the diamond finish at the assumed weight in the chart.  The price per carat remains constant for those participating in this program while weight can vary slightly +/-.  Earth/$/Ct & Earth/$/Total is what the identical diamond would cost in an earth mined diamond for comparison purposes and to give you an idea of what you're saving by going the lab grown route.  We respect our clients desires for both lab and earth mined diamonds and why we're setting up this unique program in the field of lab grown.  We'll begin with a chart assuming a finished weight of 1.55ct and current pricing as of 01/01/22.  


Took the charts down temporarily as pricing has changed! :)  Contact me via info@distinctivegem.com for an accurate quote. ;)

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