NEW Rhino's Diamond Concierge with JamesAllen, WhiteFlash & BlueNile

Welcome to Rhino's New Diamond Concierge!
Rhino's Diamond Concierge has taken on a completely new twist!
LOL yep... you heard that right.  FREE. To qualify for this new and free service simply click on the banner or link from this page of the site you're considering purchasing from.  I'll lay out all the rules and conditions on this page to simplify the process for you as much as possible. 
  •  I'm excited to get back to my roots of customer service with my new, no frills, diamond concierge. You, the consumer get to capitalize on my 3 decades of buying experience to put my wisdom, knowledge, advanced technologies and gemological expertise to work for you in getting you the most gemologically sound diamond for your purchasing dollar.  To take advantage of this service doesn't cost you a dime either!
  • The service will be a two tiered service.  At official launch date (03/24/2020) both tiers are being offered to you at no expense at all. It genuinely is absolutely free on diamonds over $4500. Tier 1 on all diamonds under. If  you would like Tier 2 service on diamonds under $4500 it's just an additional $195 to cover service/shipping.
  • I have partnered with long term friends of mine in the industry whom I know to be some of the best manufacturers and to cherry pick your diamond for you as I have been doing over the course of the past 3 decades that I've been serving the Internet community.  My results are guaranteed every time. 
  • As a renown gemologist on the web I'll give you my expert commentary and analysis on whatever diamond it is you're considering. 
  • This advice is limited to the selection we narrow down and is not for an unlimited amount of diamonds.  You and I will narrow it down to your top 2-3 choices.
  • Every diamond I recommend is backed with a no risk, full refund policy, as well as trade up policies which are provided by the retailers.  My goal is to find you the absolute best diamond at the best value (the cheapest isn't always the best value!)
  • To get started here is the process.
  • If you'd like me to do the search for you simply put in  your criteria in the form below and I'll respond back with the top 2-3 diamonds that will satisfy your call.