Our Policies

100% Peace of Mind Money Back Guarantee

Our policies are really very simple.  At August Vintage Inc. your total satisfaction and complete peace of mind in your purchase is our #1 priority. Buying direct from August Vintage Inc. is pretty straight forward. On all our diamonds and moissanites you have a full 2 week refund on your purchase (less shipping), no questions asked. Should you choose to purchase through an authorized August Vintage distributor their return policies would apply.

If you are purchasing direct via the August Vintage Inc. website you'll have 14 days to examine your diamond or moissanite to ensure it lives up to your expectations. Returns are hassle free and prompt.

If you choose to purchase via a store, vendor or distributor the policies set by that company will apply.  We are flexible and want our clients to choose what suits them best.

Instances in which a refund policy with August Vintage Inc. does not apply are the following.

  • Custom made settings.
  • Custom cut diamonds or gems.
  • If you are having a setting made that takes longer than your refund period.  Ie. If you are having a setting made that exceeds 2 weeks we will gladly hold your diamond or gem with us until it is completed but if that setting takes longer than your refund period, there is no refund after the due time that you placed your order for the diamond/gem. If you have any doubt about the diamond/gem you're considering we could ship the diamond/gem to you before making a setting to ensure your happiness with your decision with the diamond/gem.
  • Insurance replacement. If you are using August Vintage Inc. for insurance replacement, legally the Insurance Company becomes the client while you are their client. Once you've signed legal contracts with your insurance company like "Confirmed Completion" forms the sale is consummated/completed upon your submission of that signed document which is legally binding and there are no refunds to Insurance companies.  Their legal contracts can not be undone.