About August Vintage Inc.

Jonathan "Rhino" Weingarten of August Vintage Inc.

The Birth of a Brand

Back in the mid 2000's, after serving the online community for about a decade, I've witnessed the rise in popularity of cushion cut diamonds in the online community.   Most consumers were only familiar with the commonly cut type of cushions that still dominate the marketplace.  These cushions were terribly cut and had extraneous light leakage resulting in diamonds that were not only dead looking but absorbed more color than a diamond should.  Back then there were only a small handful of cutters around the globe who were cutting a kind of cushion that most of the world was not familiar with.  Those were, as we'd properly classify, "vintage" styled cushions modeled after the Old Mine Brilliant which used to be cut in the early 20th century and before.  When we would cherry pick these vintage cushions (as opposed to the modern cushions) our experience showed that consumers not only liked them as much but even more than the newer modern faceted cushions.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Over my course of time in this industry retailing, I've seen many brands come and go on the market.  There are individuals and companies who are innovative and invent their own facet or optical designs and then there are copycats who don't and simply steal another's idea.  August Vintage Inc. holds to the absolute highest moral standards and is the sole invention of Jonathan Weingarten, based on years of experience working with the most sophisticated optical sciences and technologies to produce a new optical design not yet introduced onto the market.  It is with this integrity that we press forward to create new and innovative optical designs in new and existing diamond shapes to bring to you, the consumer the most beautiful diamonds the world will ever enjoy.

The Highest Level of Integrity

With such limited inventory and availability of these vintage cushions and the niche our store has carved for itself in cherry picking these cushions, it became a very frustrating task to hunt down and find vintage faceted cushions that had superior light performance.  It was back around 2006-2007 that i started talking with various diamond cutters about the possibility of cutting the worlds first ideal cut vintage cushion.  This forced me to take my years of knowledge and expertise to apply to the Old Mine Brilliant facet structure, reinventing it from the ground up to have the best light performance possible within this facet design. The end result would not only blow us away but all the consumers we'd show it to.  It brings me great pleasure to offer this product and the other AV products to the world through the distributors we are working with.