Your Hand Crafted Distinctive Ideal Round Brilliant Cut Hearts & Arrows Private Reserve Lab Grown Diamond

Product Description

Commence au festiva!!!  Distinctive Gem is introducing what we know to be the rarest cut round brilliants in way of LG diamonds *bar none*.  These diamonds are the result of testing diamonds under the most scrutinizing conditions of my over 3 decades as a  research gemologist.   What makes the Distinctive Hearts & Arrows different?

  • Every diamond cut within Tolkowsky proportions.
  • Every diamond falls smack in the GIA Ex/AGS Ideal delta.
  • Picture perfect optical symmetry via H&A images.
  • The precise dimensions of every facet set has traditionally received triple VERY HIGH on the GemEx BrillianceScope (rarest scores for fire & sparkle). 
  • The identical formula also scored 9.8 (the highest score) on the Sarine Light Performance technology as well as it's former Isee2 tech.
  • Perfect ASET results.
  • Perfect Idealscope results.
  • Clean crystals, regardless of the clarity grade, to be free of any ill effects of internal graining or stria commonly found in lab grown diamonds. 
  • In this custom cutting program we are guaranteeing prices no greater than G VS1 even if it comes back D IF.
  • Each rough is hand selected to be D-G VS1+
  • Examples of the results (optical as well as lab) are given in the images below.



Maximum quantity available reached.

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