Your Custom Cut Distinctive H&A Round Brilliant Private Reserve Lab Grown Diamond

Product Description

Commence au festiva!!!  Distinctive Gem is introducing what we know to be the rarest cut round brilliants in way of LG diamonds *bar none*.  These diamonds are the result of testing diamonds under the most scrutinizing conditions of my over 3 decades as a  research gemologist.   What makes the Distinctive Hearts & Arrows different?

  • Every diamond cut within Tolkowsky proportions.
  • Every diamond falls smack in the GIA Ex/AGS Ideal delta.
  • Picture perfect optical symmetry via H&A images.
  • The precise dimensions of every facet set has traditionally received triple VERY HIGH on the GemEx BrillianceScope (rarest scores for fire & sparkle). 
  • The identical formula also scored 9.8 (the highest score) on the Sarine Light Performance technology as well as it's former Isee2 tech.
  • Perfect ASET results.
  • Perfect Idealscope results.
  • Clean crystals, regardless of the clarity grade, to be free of any ill effects of internal graining or stria commonly found in lab grown diamonds. 
  • In this custom cutting program we are guaranteeing prices no greater than G VS1 even if it comes back D IF.
  • Each rough is hand selected to be D-G VS1+
  • Examples of the results (optical as well as lab) are given in the images below.



Maximum quantity available reached.

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